Service and maintenance of chillers and heat pumps

As the owner of chillers, heat pumps, air conditioning, refrigeration and freezing rooms – you are responsible for the system always being in safe and legal condition and complies with the applicable legal requirements.

We are ISO9001: 2015 certified and our technicians have D certificate. For you as a customer, this means that we can service and perform the statutory inspections of your system regardless of the type and amount of refrigerant that is on the system.

Get a safe service agreement

We ensure that your chillers, heat pumps, air conditioning, refrigeration or freezing rooms live up to the requirements of the legislation on the use of pressure equipment.

We offer

  • Statutory inspections performed by our technicians
  • Technical maintenance of systems and components
  • Replacement/verification of safety valves
  • Overhaul of compressors
  • Operation start-up of new cooling and heating systems
  • Emergency assistance in case of operational problems
  • Correction of faults and defects in systems
  • Creation of statutory equipment journal
  • Coordination of the statutory inspections of pressure equipment
  • Coordination of service and calibration of gas detectors
  • Coordination of set-up control

Full documentation is your safety and security

You get full documentation of all work performed on all chillers and heat pumps, both large large and small. In addition to the fact that in certain cases it is a legal requirement, it is also an important part of securing the history of a facility and thus optimal maintenance of it.

We can ensure the best maintenance of your chillers and heat pumps, so you are always guaranteed the highest performance, stable operation and longer life of your chillers and heat pumps. Ultimately, this also helps to streamline your business, protect the environment and reduce electricity consumption.

We take responsibility

With a service agreement from NH3 Solutions on your chillers and heat pumps, you and your company will have resources released for other important tasks, because we take responsibility for ensuring that your system is inspected in accordance with the requirements of applicable legislation and thus is in safe and secure condition. This means that we keep track of when your system needs to be serviced and inspected by service techniques.

All annual statutory inspections as well as periodic statutory inspections and inspections by inspection bodies are carried out in accordance with the applicable requirements, laws and regulations.