Qualified advice and more reliability for NH3 Solutions customers

NH3 Solutions - 13 Aug 2013

NH3 Solutions, which produces efficient ammonia-based refrigeration systems for refrigeration companies in the Nordic region, has expanded its operations with new talents.

During the first half of 2013, NH3 Solutions welcomed a new co-owner and sales manager.

Carl Rasmussen, who owns the 2CR Køleteknik refrigeration company, has joined NH3 Solutions as a new owner. He has extensive experience and technical know-how in ammonia-based refrigeration systems, in particular. His expertise will provide our customers with a greater sense of reliability, as NH3 Solutions will now be able to offer its customers even more qualified advice about its products, as well as continuously technically superior refrigeration systems. Although Carl Rasmussen has joined NH3 Solutions, the company will still solely be concerned with the production of refrigeration units and will leave all end-user servicing to its customers, refrigeration companies.

Niels Rasmussen, who has several years’ industry experience and extensive knowledge of refrigeration systems components, is the company’s new sales manager. He is now in charge of most of customer relations, which means a greater focus on identifying customer needs.

With the addition of these new talents, Director Mads Rudbæk will be able to focus on production. NH3 Solutions looks forward to continuing to offer refrigeration companies in the Nordic region the most energy efficient refrigeration systems in the market.

If you would like to find out more about NH3 Solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us.